OSAC Belgium Brussels Country Council

About Osac Belgium

The U.S. State Department’s Overseas Security Advisory Council - OSAC is established to promote security cooperation between American Private Sector interests worldwide and the U.S. Department of State.

The objectives of OSAC are:

  • To establish continuing liaison and to provide for operational security cooperation between State Department security functions and the Private Sector.
  • To provide for regular and timely interchange of information between the Private Sector and the State Department concerning developments in the overseas security environment.
  • To recommend methods and provide material for coordinating security planning and implementation of security programs.
  • To recommend methods to protect the competitiveness of American businesses operating worldwide.


OSAC initiated an outreach program to assist the U.S. private sector with the establishment of “Country Councils” around the world to provide a forum for security-related information sharing at the local level.

There are currently over 140 OSAC Country Councils operating throughout the world.
The Belgian Country Council is led by a partnership of the Regional Security Officer (RSO) at the US Embassy in Brussels and a Chairman from the private sector.

Membership is open to any OSAC constituent and members of foreign organizations, at the discretion of the RSO.

A typical Country Council meeting includes members sharing their security incidents and concerns, presentations on new trends, a discussion of best practices, and networking among participants.

In Belgium, the OSAC Country Council works in partnership with the European Corporate Security Association - ECSA, whereby ECSA deals mainly with general security issues and the BE OSAC Country Council focuses on US Interest related security issues.